Safe, Biodegradable Marine Descaler

EPA turns to the biodegradable RYDLYME Marine





The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought in the biodegradable RYDLYME Marine to clean the entire potable drinking water system aboard its research vessel, the Lake Guardian. The system was heavily fouled with more than 16 years worth of mineral deposits and rust, including sinks, pressure sets, pumps and piping.

The Lake Guardian is the only self-contained, non-polluting research vessel on the Great Lakes. Its crew conducts monitoring programs that sample the water, aquatic life, sediments, and air in order to assess the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem by using state-of-the-art data collection techniques and instruments.


RYDLYME Marine approach

  • 165 gallons circulated throughout the entire system for 6 hours via pump.

RYDLYME Marine results

  • Although the system had never been cleaned for more than 16 years, RYDLYME Marine was able to completely dissovle the thick mineral deposits and rust throughout, improving its operating efficiency and overall cleanliness.

  • The crew was amazed at how well and quick RYDLYME Marine worked, stating that the vessel was close to "like new" condition.

  • Additionally, the crew praised RYDLYME Marine's biodegradability and overall safeness on the vessel's equipment, personnel, and of course... the environment!  


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