Safe, Biodegradable Marine Descaler

RYDLYME Marine Descaling Systems

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RYDLYME Marine Descaling Systems are specifically designed to circulate RYDLYME through a vast array of equipment and systems keeping your facility in peak operating condition. We proudly offer Iwaki seal-less magnetic drive pumps and Yamada high-performance, air powered double diaphragm pumps. For added convenience, all of our pumping systems are equipped with high-quality Ipex true-union valves and transparent rubber Tygon hoses.


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RYDLYME Marine Descaling System 15MDC

The 15MDC 1.5'' Magnetic Drive Descaling System is our most versatile and convenient mobile descaling package!


RYDLYME Marine Descaling System 10CIP

The Clean In Place compact descaling system is designed for cleaning in confined or hard-to-reach areas.

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RYDLYME Marine Descaling System 10MDC

This 1'' descaling system is specifically designed to clean your smaller water fouled equipment.

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RYDLYME Marine Descaling System PumpMaster 115

This 3/4'' descaling system is specifically designed to clean your smaller water fouled equipment.

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RYDLYME Marine 10MDO Magnetic Pump

The 1'' 10MDO descaling system is a .5 HP circulating pump that is capable of 40 GPM at a 51' head! 

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RYDLYME Marine 15MDO Magnetic Pump

The 1.5'' 15MDO descaling system is a 3/4 HP circulating pump that is capable of 75 GPM at a 45' head!

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RYDLYME Marine Descaling System 10PPC

The 1'' pneumatic descaling system is a versatile unit assembled on a heavy duty plastic cart with circulating bucket!

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RYDLYME Marine 10PPO Pneumatic Pump

The 1'' pneumatic pump only is extremely portable at 29 pounds and capabale of 48 GPM at 230' head!

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RYDLYME Marine 15PPO Pneumatic Pump

The 1.5'' pneumatic pump only is capable of 118 GPM at 225' head!

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RYDLYME Marine Transfer Pump 75LDP

The Lutz Drum Pump is offered as a fast and convenient tool for transferring RYDLYME Marine into your system!



The RYDLYME  Marine Portable Flushing Kit is the fast, effective and safe solution!


RYDLYME Marine Biodegradable Descaler

Safe on iron, copper, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, brass, glass, titanium, nickel and other water based equipment. The one-stop shop descaler!

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