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RYDLYME Marine Newsletter 2016

Inside the 2016 edition of Marine News... RYDLYME Marine Tech Talk: Heat exchanger cleaning 101! Boat Cleaner: Rids grease, grime & more! DCT - Ask us about proper dosage on your application! And much more!

RYDLYME Marine Achieves GHS Compliance

Apex Engineering Products Corporation is now compliant with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available on the website and will be provided with every shipment. All products that are subject to the new labelling requirements are being shipped with GHS compliant labels. Please see the information below for a better understanding of GHS.

Dropping temps on exchangers aboard 54-foot yacht

A 54-foot Hatteras yacht was experiencing overheating on its C30 heat exchangers due to severe scaling inside the tubes. The owner turned to RYDLYME Marine to circulate through the heat exchangers in order to eliminate the deposit buildup.

U.S. Coast Guard puts RYDLYME Marine into action

The U.S. Coast Guard called in RYDLYME Marine to clean out a heavily fouled heat exchanger onboard the USCGC Tahoma, a medium endurance cutter.

EPA turns to the biodegradable RYDLYME Marine

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought in the biodegradable RYDLYME Marine to clean the entire potable drinking water system aboard its research vessel, the Lake Guardian. The system had accumulated 16 years worth of mineral deposits and rust, including sinks, pressure sets, pumps and piping.​

Tackling overheating issues on passenger vessel

An east coast passenger vessel was experiencing overheating problems with one of its main propulsion engines, consistently exceeding 195 degrees F at cruising speed. The operators decided to flush the system with RYDLYME Marine to eliminate the heavy scaling in order to lower the operating temperatures.​

RYDLYME Marine steps in to bring down engine temperatures

The owner of twin Yanmar engines spent more than $2,000 in repairs to address severe overheating problems. After the repair, the boat continued to experience overheating. It was then determined that mineral deposits inside the heat exchangers were the cause of the overheating and the owner faced even more money to have the heat exchangers removed and cleaned. The owner turned to RYDLYME Marine to see if the marine descaler could solve the problem.
Results: 7 Article(s) Found.

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