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RYDLYME Marine Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Will RYDLYME Marine corrode my gaskets, seals, plastic or rubber?
 No. RYDLYME Marine will not corrode or ruin gaskets, seals, plastic, or even cork, Teflon, packing or rubber.  Furthermore, it will not dry them out or make them brittle.

Q:  Should I use RYDLYME Marine at full concentration?
A:  The amount and concentration of RYDLYME Marine depends on the severity of the buildup and application.  In most cases, 50% (50% solution and 50% water) is recommended, but can be as little as 25%. Contact us anytime to discuss your particular application and problem, and one of our technicians will recommend the proper dosage and cleaning procedure.

Q:  Can I reuse RYDLYME Marine?
A:  We do not recommend you reuse the product after a full cleaning, as it will not be as effective.  By in large, our quotations are based on a one time usage.

Q:  Can RYDLYME Marine  damage fiberglass or paint?
A:  No. When used properly, RYDLYME Marine  is safe and will not corrode fiberglass or paint.

Q:  How do I use RYDLYME Marine?
A:  You can go to our Technical Data page and download one of our informative PDFs or feel free to contact us anytime at 800.451.6291 to discuss your particular application and problem.

Q:  How do I know if RYDLYME Marine  is still working?
A:  Drop a seashell or Tums tablet into the solution. If no foaming or bubbling is observed, then RYDLYME Marine  is completely depleted and can be easily and safely disposed.


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