Safe, Biodegradable Marine Descaler

RYDLYME Marine steps in to bring down engine temperatures





The owner of twin Yanmar engines spent more than $2,000 in repairs to address severe overheating problems. After the repair, the boat continued to experience overheating. It was then determined that mineral deposits inside the heat exchangers were the cause of the overheating and the owner faced even more money to have the heat exchangers removed and cleaned. The owner turned to RYDLYME Marine to see if the marine descaler could solve the problem.


RYDLYME Marine approach

  • 2 gallons circulated throughout the entire system (heat exchangers, lube oil cooler, transmission cooler, air cooler, internal raw water passages) via pump for 2 hours.

RYDLYME Marine results

  • After circulating RYDLYME Marine and conducting a water flush and simple disposal, the owner took his boat on a 10-hour excursion where temperatures never exceeded 185 degrees F!

  • The owner was able to solve his overheating problems for a fraction of the cost of previous repair efforts.


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