Safe, Biodegradable Marine Descaler

Tackling overheating issues on passenger vessel






An east coast passenger vessel was experiencing overheating problems with one of its main propulsion engines, consistently exceeding 195 degrees F at cruising speed. The operators decided to flush the system with RYDLYME Marine to eliminate the heavy scaling in order to lower the operating temperatures.


RYDLYME Marine approach

  • Several gallons were backflushed and circulated via electric pump for four hours.

RYDLYME Marine results

  • The cleaning dissolved all of the scaling throughout the entire system resulting in an impressive 15 degree F drop in temperature!

  • The same overheating problem occured in a different engine and the operators turned to RYDLYME Marine again and conducted the same flushing process, resulting in a 25 degree F temperature drop!

  • The operators stated that RYDLYME Marine solved overheating problems easily and cost-effectively that have been a constant problem for many years.


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